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Without a doubt, the Super Bowl is responsible for some of the most exciting, jaw-dropping, impactful, and downright dazzling feats of advertising in marketing. Every year the industry looks to the creative feats that go into making amazing ads that are poignant, inspirational, or humorous – or a mix of all three, told through expert storytelling.Whether some of these big-budget promotions are worth the $6.5 million the most expensive Super Bowl ad can cost to air is out for debate. And when brands fail to score a promotional touchdown, the results can prove disastrous, as we’ll discover below.

As Super Bowl 2022

As Super Bowl 2022 has just reached its exciting climax and the dust settles on the big event, let’s explore more closely some of the more creative ads from this year and see what we can special data learn from them.

Some quick mentions for comedy and charm – General Motors’ Austin Powers reboot, the apparent return of Jim Carrey in Sprint’s The Cable Guy 2, and Zendaya selling seashells in the SquareSpace segment. In a year that featured many crypto brands, we have to tip our hat to Coinbase’s minimalist ad which featured a bouncing QR code containing a time-limited offer: the staggering response led to their app crashing and first class publicity.

This year, we’re definitely seeing

This year, we’re definitely seeing ads that reflect peoples’ post-COVID behaviors and aspirations’s Super Bowl Ad reflects a desire to travel again while some of the picks in our list hone in on the will to USA Person gather, reunite, and reminisce. In our hyper-digital age, social media platforms are now a standard part of the Super Bowl advertising mix—paying for ads via their own platforms (or those of their competitors), like Twitter, to drive more engagement.

The Super Bowl has entered a new dimension: it’s no longer just about the TV ad, it’s about connecting with football fans across a multitude of touchpoints. And, the scope for subject matter has broadened too.


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