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 When to use: dark purple gives a feeling of luxury and royalty; light tones convey love and romance. Purple is also perfect for beauty products, massage therapists, astrology or alternative therapies. When not to use it: be careful not to overuse purple as it will make your site look a little sad or boring. It is not a very attractive color, and between red and blue, it does not convey the psychology of one or the other well, causing some confusion.

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 Brown is a warm range of colors that we can associate with the earth, nature or animals. It also new database evokes feelings of trust and security. When to use: brown can be associated with certain foods, such as grains, coffee, chocolate, cocoa and other natural products. When not to use it: when we think of brown, we think of feelings of sadness, dullness, and boredom. It may also be related to something that is not clear.

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new database

It is not a color that is very suitable for call-to-action. Pink can represent romance, feminism, love or innocence. When to use: perfect for products or women pages. We can also connect it with children’s products, beauty products or products related to weddings, baptisms USA Person and other events. When not to use it: depending on the saturation and hue of pink, it may seem too noticeable or convey peace of mind.


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