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Choose your own opportunities , dividing them by objectives Reuce the average cost of acquiring a customer Deicate more time to business activities Increase average customer lifetime value B B sales strategies should be base on real data, not emotions The first step in identifying the KPIs to monitor is defining the objectives of the entire company. As we have already said in our article “How to align B B sales marketing activities” , in fact, the smarketing approach involves focusing on common objectives: increasing turnover, improving customer service or reucing costs. The strategic activities of each department can start from the share targets, with the relate performance tracking thanks to the analysis of statistics.

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Download the ebook Objective: Reuce the average cost of acquiring a customer KPI : Average time between conversion into lead and finalization of the sale If you wedding photo editing service want to reuce costs, reucing the resources use to acquire a new customer can be a good starting point. By optimizing the sales process, in fact, the salesperson will waste much less time, deicating more of it to the actual negotiations for signing the contracts. When time is money as in B B, simple integration with a system that works for you may be enough to streamline the sales cycle.

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Many CRM and marketing automation platforms contain the reporting functions you nee within them. However, particular attention must be paid to the definition of the different phases of the purchasing cycle, the transitions from one phase to another and the qualification of the lead. For example, if a salesperson defines a contact as a lead that has just been recorde by the CRM because it is part of other USA Person marketing strategies, while another in the same company does not consider it as such until we start talking about numbers, the statistics will certainly not be reliable.


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