The Theory on how to Customize the Ocean

 It can be said that white is the color of the lily. It is the preeminent primary color of any website, so if we want to convey cleanliness, clarity or purity, we must use white as the primary color. When to use: white is a very common color for health websites. It can also be used for luxury goods combined with gold, silver and ochre. When not to use it: as I said, white is for everything, so there are no clear guidelines for not using it.

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The only thing I would recommend is not to abuse the text of a paragraph on a colored background latest database because it is not pleasant to read. Black black is a color associated with class, quality, seriousness, elegance, professionalism, maturity, authority, power, or formalism. On the negative side, it can be associated with death, evil, mystery, or forbidden things.

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latest database

When to use: black can be combined with any other color, but depending on the amount of black we use, or whether it is used as a general background on a website, it can give a more elegant, calm and even aggressive feeling. A modern-looking website. Ideal for complex products, gyms, products of specific groups ( cyclists, heavy music lovers ), barbershops, tattoo businesses when USA Person should not use it: black, unless it is aimed at a website with a very specific theme, it must be used in moderation because it creates a negative feeling.


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