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 What do you want your website to feel like? now that you have an understanding of color theory and best practices, take a moment to reflect on what you want your business to feel like. What matters here is what you want to communicate and what you want to achieve through your website. Depending on this, you should be pulling in one way or another.

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In addition, the most important aspect when making a decision is the activity you are special data committed to because having an agency is different from owning a sex shop, right? e-mail marketing and automation the main colors your website should have. As you read in the previous section about some web design mistakes made by many people, I recommend that you start by using only one color on your website.

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But should you use these colors for no reason and mix them up pointlessly? what a problem, edouard! clearly not. It is very important to choose two regular colors and one color for the call to action phrase ( emphasizes ) and highlights the details. Of the two conventional colors, one is chosen as the primary color, the primary USA Person color of the design, and the other as the secondary color, as the auxiliary color. Complementary colorexample: primary color: gasoline blue.


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