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But there were also sincere and even peculiar tributes. In a text post on a well-known local blog, Hernán Migoya (2016), a Spanish writer living here in Peru and friend of the Arequipa novelist, in a squeaky way allud not only to his well-defin political stance, but also to his sexual option: « Oswaldo Reynoso: the Marxist faggot who wrote like God” read the headline. Despite its title, which harshly reveals the writer’s sexual preferences, the post is entirely laudatory, and in it Migoya pays endearing tribute to the writer and extols his narrative virtues, while emphasizing the unique place that his work occupies in the national literary panorama.

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 Perhaps the most sincere tribute we can pay to the good Reynoso, the writer, the “poet of the streets and the huariques” (Reynoso, 2014b, p. 25), is to read it with enjoyment . Whoever approaches The Innocents and discovers the transgressive avatars of Rosquita, Angel Face, Rouge, the Prince or Carambola; who sees recreat the b2b email list national hypocrisy and the moral misery that reigns in a country immers in a crisis that seems terminal, in which social distances are ritually conceal “(…) by the celestial magic of a simple purple habit” (Reynoso, 2014c , p.

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b2b email list

As is harshly express in some of the lines of in october there are no miracles ; who faces the narrative experiment on which the fierce criticism of life and our society is rais in the beetle and the man ; in short, whoever is willing to face the turbulent and disturbing narrative of reynoso’s asphalt and corner, will hardly remain indifferent to the vital pulse and against USA Person the current of his stories . They will bear witness to his visceral commitment to the beauty of literary creation and to the lacerating destiny of our country: ethics and aesthetics amalgamat in the narrative forge of a writer who was always far from subscribing to “the infamous pact of speaking halfway.


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