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 In that same perspective, this tool can serve to improve the text production capacity of university students, since it allows us to evaluate the student’s creations and the comments made by others. On the other hand, the student will not only receive feback from us, but also from his classmates and other people who manage to read the text. The student, from the moment he creates his blog until he publishes his text, will be reaching the highest levels, according to Bloom’s taxonomy: analyze, evaluate and create .

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 In this sense, the teacher should not limit himself to evaluating the content of the text, but rather the process of its construction and evaluation. To be aware of some benefits that the blog can provide us in a classroom, Kris Kelly (2009) maintains the following: Blogging can bring many business email list benefits to a classroom, including: The use of hyperlinks will help students better understand the relationship and interconnection of knowlge. Promotes interactivity that could increase relationships with classmates and teachers. Students have the opportunity to become protect subject “experts” on their blogs.

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 Increas feelings of ownership of knowlge and learning. Realistic and authentic ways to participate in learning. Provides opportunities for diverse perspectives. As can be duc, the blog should serve as a tool to facilitate student learning and not as an end in itself . Teachers have a challenge USA Person to meet in order to improve learning: knowing the technological tools that, in some cases, are already familiar to the student. Finally, the blog can become a teaching and learning instrument because it allows the student to present their ideas and understandings about a particular topic.

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