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 In this sense, my commitment, for the next text I write on this topic, is to relate the experience of my students using the blog in the classroom.There is no doubt that letters constitute the favorite universe of several of our students. This was demonstrat during the first ition of the Literary Creation Contest (former Floral Games) organiz by the Department of Humanities at our Los Olivos headquarters, a call attend by young people whose proposals allow us to glimpse the verve of their pens. humanities literature contest The awarding of the winners in the short story, essay and poetry categories took place on June 23 and was an occasion to remember the strength and charm of the written word.

Revenge Stronger Than

Svg e below we present the winning works in each of the three categories, accompani by the accesses through which you can read them. Some time ago the duplicate man was releas, a film by director dennis villeneuve that is about adam, a reserv and routine history teacher who sees his monotonous life alter when he discovers that there is a guy physically business lead equal to him nam antony, an actor without any major success. Curiosity awakens and he decides to go after him but the meeting will cause him a lot of anxiety, finally exchanging roles and lives with his double, who threatens him to do so.

Love and Forgiveness

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 There are several approaches to analysis for this film, from the psychiatric (it is about a subject with dissociative personality disorder, previously known as multiple personality disorder), the psychological (it tells us USA Person about the self and identity, as well as a difficult bond with the mother) to the philosophical (addresses individuality in a society that homogenizes and alienates). We want to ask a couple of questions that the film (bas on a work of the same name by José Saramago) suggests to us: what would happen if you, kind reader, suddenly met your “double”?, ruling out the possibility that he might be your brother.


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