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Twin. What would you think and what would you feel? Can there be a person identical to me (you)? And mentally? What defines us as unique and unrepeatable people? If i am no longer unique, original, different from everyone, then what do i become? But suddenly this aspect that differentiates us is not the physical, nor the material, nor the economic or the lifestyle, but the psychological and especially the spiritual, understanding by this word what is specifically human, what is proper and exclusive to beings. Humans (reflective self-awareness, freom, the ability to value and decide).

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 In this era where there is already talk of human clones, it is important to remember that cloning a psyche, a mind with all its possibilities, is still science fiction since business database we would have to provide that “clone” with the same experiences, ucation, parents, anecdotes. , friendships, accidents, experiences, misfortunes that we are all made of, and that is impossible. Research in personality psychology and in the field of behavioral genetics even shows that twin brothers look very similar but they are not even identical copies. Fortunately.

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 Many times, students use the elevator to go up a floor. One day, upon witnessing that reality, I thought out loud: “A single floor… is crazy!” A student, who was not the one who had mark the floor, upon hearing me said: “This is the generation, teacher.” This expression USA Person l me to reflect on the communication barriers that have been forg in this generation and that can hinder ucational work within the classrooms. The human being is communicative by nature; But, despite this, communication obstacles or barriers are common in everyday life .

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