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Voice”.currently, universities around the world suggest their teachers use learning management system (lms) tools in their classrooms . These systems can be of two types: proprietary or open source. With respect to the first, we have blackboard , a platform that is us to manage online courses whose basic functions are to create content and documents that are ne for the administration of a course, it uses the internet as a mium and, currently, it is one of the most us platforms in the world. On the other hand, the latter are open source; the most common is moodle , software design to especially help ucators create high-quality online courses and virtual learning environments.

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 In addition to these SMA examples, there are also more options and web-bas applications that serve the same purpose. From this perspective, it is necessary for the teacher b2b leads to be aware of the tools that technology is providing us because every day the face-to-face classroom is moving to the virtual environment. In this sense, universities should encourage their teachers to use a practical, attractive and easy-to-manage tool: the blog . I suggest that teachers use this tool in order to stimulate students’ ability to produce texts, since there are studies that support this statement.

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 At Brigham Young University, David Wiley (2009) ask his students to post his work on the blog before it was hand in. The experience was rewarding and productive. The students’ work had been read and USA Person comment on by other students, which improv the product. Wiley saw that much of his work was being done by others, commenting and criticizing the texts. Likewise, students felt that their work had value because it was being read. Winer (2003) states that a blog or Weblog is “a hierarchy of texts, images, objects and mia data, order chronologically, that can be view in an HTML browser” .

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