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But “The ability to analyze coverage results and sort them bas on mentions. Channels. Languages ​​and regions” . In order to obtain insights into the performance of each campaign. Of each line or each product launch by the brand. Is the real key to successful international growth. Case study isabel marant the information collect with the discover app support the isabel marant team in planning future campaigns . Providing them with insights for improving their content strategy and message. It also help them identify new potential partnerships with influencers. In fact. The latter now play a key and increasingly important role in the fashion sector. In fact. 94% of brands in the fashion.

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Luxury and beauty sectors in 2020 consider influencer marketing effective for increasing sales. As report in our annual state of influencer marketing report. In collecting mia quotes. A job impossible to do manually and on an international scale. Isabel marant reli on data to fully understand the performance of implement strategies and to adapt future strategies. If you want to learn more about other brands and read the entire isabel marant case study. Visit this page ! To learn more about the discover app. Business database  Click here .The influencer marketing industry has been plac in conditions of uncertainty by covid-19.

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Seeing the scope of partnerships with brand-creators change with a view increasingly aim at focusing attention on storytelling and entertainment. Rather than exclusively on product promotion. This is likely to lead to a shift in the types of content. Channels and activations in the future of influencer marketing. With brands and influencers seeking a more personal communication relationship with their customers and followers. In 2020 we publish the sixth ition of our state of influencer marketing report– for which we interview more than 900 brands. Agencies and influencers in order to understand  USA Person their position on influencer marketing and the challenges and motivations that impact them most. In this article.


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