Pushing the Capsule Collection on

American sports brand is the basis of the data obtain in terms of miv®. €4.5m. And engagement (over 3 million). The voice split of the campaign offers us a clear picture of the importance represent by chiara ferragni’s influencer voice in the campaign. 91.8% of the total miv® comes from her. The split by category confirms instagram as the main channel from which €4.2m of miv® derives follow by online. Youtube and facebook with a total overall value of €202k. Therefore with interesting orders of magnitude but not comparable to those of italian digital entrepreneur. The top post was the one on april 19th in which chiara ferragni anticipat the launch of the collection by wearing. Together with her husband fez. The total black suit brand

Not Only With the Character but in a Context

Mking the news spread around the world and favoring a positive reaction from the brand’s followers who. Perhaps now more than ever. Look to the largest and most important companies in the world. Precisely in search of actions like this. The miv® generat was €168k. Chiara ferragnixchampion’s sports outfits: the winning #iorestoacasa strategy in analyzing the data relating to the social networks of italian influencers and their use of #iorestoacasa and similar. The recent campaign launch by chiara ferragni for champion could not escape our attention. Within a few days the hashtag #chiaraferragnixchampion went viral and sales on the brand’s e-commerce site b2b email list  were sold out. The perfect timing with which the well-known italian influencer launch the campaign in collaboration with the

One Told by La Casa Di Carta Which

Sharing in the top post a short video that portrays italian couples and families facing quarantine with a smile. Wella . On its wella professional facebook channel. Also promot several #onhair clips . Receiving positive feback and comments. With a dual intent: on the one hand the entertainment of its audience. On the other the information and training dicat to both the staff wella and professionals in the sector. The miv® generat by the brand was €568k with a total of 86 posts. And finally bulgari . One of the italian brands that together with others has been on the front line for covid-19 by producing a hand sanitizing gel. USA Person  Promot the initiative on social mia and beyond.


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