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To simplify the entire explanation The Ultimate a little with the paginations, I have created this image, which reflects how it affects duplicity, tracking and distribution of authority. Filters in ecommerce Filters help a user easily find the product they are looking for based on parameters that they establish. For example, if you are looking for a red T-shirt in size L, instead of searching by category you can use the filters to take less time to find it. These filters may or may not generate a new crawlable url. If they do not generate a new url, a dynamic loading of these products will occur. That is, on the category itself, the displayed products will be updated.

They generate a unique The Ultimate crawlable and indexable

Previously they were displayed in the default order, and category email list now they will be displayed with the attributes you have selected. Is it better to generate a url or not? Depends. If the filters attack a specific search intent, the ideal is that they generate a unique crawlable and indexable url so that you can position yourself in Google and receive organic traffic. Continuing with the previous example, the combination of these filters could give a url that would be In this case it would make perfect sense to generate and index said url because it attacks a specific search intention: red T-shirts size L.

Looking for based on parameters that they establish

If none of the filters attack a specific search USA Person intent, or they overlap. With the subcategories, generating duplications. The best option could be to use dynamic loading to prevent these urls from being generated, or obfuscate them. The management of these urls becomes complicated. When you can combine different attributes. With each other, or even select several at the same time. If in addition to size. L you want to see sizes M, in red and green colors, you could. Generate a url similar to: dominoDoes it attack a specific search intent? No.

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