Native Advertising what it is and what it is for

Coherence and relevance. But it must be used with caution. In anglo-saxon countries, controls are starting to tighten. Because the boundary between journalism and advertising is really thin. And there are those who. Propose metrics to measure effectiveness
Published on 29 apr 2021.
Native advertising vs display: from the comparison there seems to be no doubt, native advertising. Involves users more and converts more. Less invasive, so much so that it does not affect the browsing experience, and mostly. Perceived as useful as a carrier of content, native advertising currently represents the most popular. Online advertising method

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Native advertising: what is native ads and what are its formats
The term native advertising identifies .All advertising formats that have the look and feel of the original, personal or editorial content of the platforms that host them. In other words, native ads are. Contents that integrate strongly country email list into the use of content. Typically, native advertising. Messages appear in the feeds of social networks, the format of which exactly follows that of the contents of the social network, often distinguishable only by a disclaimer such as ” sponsored content” , or, in english ” sponsored “. recommendation widgets , perfectly integrated into the page layout.

Web magazines and websites provide

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What makes  different from display advertising.
The new media observatory. Of the school of management of the polytechnic. Of milan distinguishes two fundamental elements that. Underlie the concept. Of.
• coherence with th.E visual context (the “Form”) of the editorial content . The ads must be perceived. By the user .As natural content within the ..Editorial stream, but it must be transparent that they are advertising. Content. The effectiveness of native. Advertising also derives from the .Fact that this format allows us to overcome banner blindness (that ability of some users to be indifferent .Towards advertising) and therefore generate better performances;
• the relevance of the advertising. Content. A fundamental element lies in ..The ability to engage the user through. Attractive and quality advertising content.


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