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This is not entirely true. It is true that Elevate Your the content of paginations could be considered duplicate, because in the end only the products shown change, but how they are worked will directly influence the crawling and indexing of the website . Therefore, it is a topic complex enough not to make decisions lightly without first knowing the direct implication on the project. Ways to work with paginations in an ecommerce From a user’s point of view, categories can: Have paginations Show a “load more” button Make infinite scroll However, in SEO things get a little more complicated.

Topic complex Elevate Your enough not to make decisions lightly

Let’s start with the “simplest” thing. For Google, an top industry data infinite scroll or a load more button is the same. No pagination is generated as such and “new” products are inserted through Javascript. For Google it is as if these products do not exist , because it is not capable of replicating a user’s behavior. You will only see the first products displayed. Using a more “load” button or an infinite scroll on the pages will mean that only the products that are shown in that first load can be tracked and receive authority.

top industry data

In an ecommerce with paginations we can have several

If you upload many products daily, it may be better to USA Person implement. Paginations because with the other two alternatives. Other parts of the website). In an ecommerce with. Paginations we can have several alternatives. Allow crawling and indexing of paginations. Allow crawling but not indexing. Do not allow tracking Let’s see each of them. Allow crawling and indexing In an ecommerce with. Crawlable and indexable pages, Google will roam freely and will be able to discover all the products.


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