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We give you free rein to access all content. By leaving the pages indexable, Google will crawl them more often, but they may be considered low-quality content. Allow crawling, but not indexing If you allow crawling but not indexing of pages. Google will be able to access them to see all the products and you prevent them from being indexed. To avoid indexing you can use noindex or canonical. If you use noindex, you should keep in mind that a url marked. As noindex tends to be crawled less frequently. Using canonical in paginations is a fairly widespread option. Pages are allowed to be crawled and all point with canonical to the parent category (or page 1).

Google will be able to Emails that Emails that access them to see all the products

In this way, the authority signals are industry email list consolidated in the same URL and we avoid the problem of considering this content as low quality or spam. Do not allow tracking If tracking of the pages is not allowed, tracking of the products that are linked from them is also not allowed (unless they are linked from other parts of the website). If you want to prevent the crawling of the pages you can block them in You can also obfuscate them. Obfuscating links to pages means that they are actionable by users, but robots cannot see them. Therefore, it is as if they do not exist. Which is the best option.

industry email list

If you want to prevent the crawling of the pages you can block

So… of the options seen, which one USA Person is better? None. There is no better option. Everything will depend on the project. It will depend on whether we need tracking and distribution of authority to the products linked from the pages or not. For example, in an ecommerce with well-developed subcategories, it may not be a priority to allow the tracking of those pages because the products are accessible from other parts of the website. However, in a store where a category accumulates many products and they are updated frequently, you may need to have the pages crawled so that you can discover all the new products that are being published.


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