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The ideal is not to send more emails to hard bounce addresses and people who marked you as spam. And keep an eye out for recurring soft bounce leads the ones that every time you send something are flagged with this type of error. VIDEO: Is email dead? EMAIL tips to increase your sales. Clean up your contact list In the last two tips we talked about types of leads that can hurt your deliverability: inactive hard bounce and recurring soft bounce and that marked you as spam. In addition there are pending leads which are those that have not completed the double confirmation process. That is you cannot send emails to them but they remain in your base.

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All those people I just mentioned basically just take up space on your list and increase the chances of your messages ending up in the spam box. That is email addresses that are not really valuable to Andorra Email List your business. Periodically you should clean up your list to let go of those people who can harm your deliverability. Segment messaging Not everyone on your list is interested in ALL the content you send. For example the other day you bought some clothes on the e commerce of a department store. And the following week he started getting emails with offers and promotions to take advantage of.

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Only you notice that they were messages about discounts on children’s parts even though you’ve never bought a children’s part at that store. This can happen even without having done research on USA Person this niche in the online store. That is no signs were given that he was interested in this type of content. Result: less than two weeks after the purchase you unsubscribe to receive offers and promotions in my email. We tell this example because it is possible that in your list you have people with different interests in the products and services that your business offers.


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