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Not everyone wants to know everything you offer. And not taking this into account can cause your leads to unsubscribe or mark you as spam. When configuring your campaigns you must segment and send your message only to those who have the potential to take advantage of it. Use your own domain Both for branding and deliverability reasons you should prefer to use your own domain to send your emails. Like this? It’s better to use an address like than. First because it gives more credibility and professionalism to use your own domain.

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Second because your domain is a way to identify you as a sender and also to check your reputation. Use a suitable tool for sending emails To be able to implement it in the best possible way you will need an Angola Email List trigger tool. There’s no way to escape it. Because you simply cannot organize the list segment the submissions monitor your statistics among other things using your email account to do this. On the market there are several options for email triggering tools such as Hotmart Send. It is an intuitive and simple to use email marketing tool where you can manage your contact list segment using tags track key metrics all in one place in addition to integrating your forms with capture pages.

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Look for a good rating of email providers All the tips are focused on the one thing that matters to increase your deliverability: the email providers’ assessment of your business as a sender. The provider USA Person is like the gatekeeper of the leads’ email account it is he who decides who will enter or not based on the user’s information. That is he has the power to stop your message and make sure it doesn’t even reach the spam box. For you to do well in the email marketing game you need to follow the best practices defined by providers sending tools and references in the area of ​​deliverability.


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