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If this expectation is not met in the first few paragraphs chances are your lead. Will click away from your email. One way to ensure that this doesn’t happen is by betting on written strategies that involve your lead in your message and make them read your email until the end. For this you can use strategies such as storytelling for example. Customize your message Your lead already receives countless emails daily and the last thing he needs is to receive yet another generic message in his inbox. Of course your lead knows that sending email marketing is not exclusive but the least you can do is personalize the message with their name and language that makes sense to them.

Responsibilities of an HR Specialist

The customization doesn’t stop there. Your email needs to visually stand out from the rest. The lead needs to open your email and instantly understand that this message belongs to your brand. Therefore Cyprus Email List you can use visual elements to create this identification and still use these resources to make the content of the email easier to understand. Use a CTA that is impossible to ignore Once you’ve managed to keep your lead’s attention and interest until the end of your message you need to get them to take action.

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What HR should know and be able to do

Be it downloading an ebook accessing a blog post or making a purchase. And for that you need to create a Call to Action that is impossible to ignore. To help you with this step check out the article call-to-action USA Person examples that work as click magnets. Review the content Email marketing campaign ready? So before hitting the submit button the next step is to perform a detailed review of all content. The proofreading step is extremely important for you to check that all the information is correct that there are no typos and that all the CTA buttons are correctly linked.


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