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Which devices were us. how often and under what circumstances. The second area concerns the role of the Internet in purchasing decisions.  ten product categories and different markets (e.g. flights and hotels. mobile phones and smartphones. . . . ). Users of the Consumer Barometer then have the opportunity to compare different products and countries and filter the data by age. gender or income. The third part explores why video clips are watch on the Internet. The most important result for Germany is that Germans own an internet-connect device on average. Everyone reads the news on their smartphones. of Germans bought their last flight online.

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Video is primarily us for entertainment on the Morocco Phone Number List Internet. to go online use them to shop online. How many devices. Source. Current Situation. The findings show that understanding digital consumers and their online behavior is becoming increasingly important. for example. to provide decision-makers in the marketing and mia industries with an overview of purchasing decisions and marketing tools (events. messages. etc.). . More results from the Consumer Barometer can be found here. As of this year’s date. this entry was post in General. Research Marketing. Marketing. Market Research. Mobile Marketing. Keywords. Consumer Barometer. Google. Tips for Beginners in Search Engine MarketingTips for Beginners in Search.

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Germans who use their smartphones

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