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You can choose ready made background options upload images videos or simply change the theme color. Step to create website on wix Sections icons and shapes The third icon is for adding elements to the page. Vectors text boxes buttons social media icons lists — there are so many options. At this point remember that a simple and intuitive menu is one of the fundamental elements of a website. Therefore be careful when choosing symbols and shapes. Step to create website on wix Wix Apps On the fourth. Icon you will see a page with applications developed by Wix to add to the site. Some are free and some are paid.

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Step to create website on wix media upload Just below there is the option. To upload some media directly from your computer or from social networks in addition to materials from Wix itself. Step to create Bulgaria Email List website on wix Wix Blog The last edit icon on the page refers to the built in blog feature on the site which you can create within Wix itself. Step to create website on wix. Edit the mobile version After customizing each of your site’s pages it’s worth selecting the mobile device icon on the top bar of the Wix Editor.

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This is the time to make changes and customizations so that the user experience is also good on the smartphone or tablet. There are specific options such as Mobile Tools with a series of resources for you USA Person to have a responsive website. Step to create website on wix Step to create website on wix. Preview the page and make the last adjustments Once you’re done editing click the Zoom icon on the top bar to view your full page. Here you can rearrange elements — just drag them to the desired location. Step to create website on wix. Publish and manage your website All right.


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