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Because it offers ready made models tested in the market and validated by experts. So you can just adjust them and leave them with your business face. Want to know more about our Page Builder? Just click on the image below. desktop version banner How to create a page to capture leads. One of the most important pages for a digital business is the lead capture page. It is widely used in launch strategies and specific campaigns. On this page the visitor leaves contact information usually e mail in exchange for valuable content. Learn with João how to make a lead capture landing page with Hotmelt’s Page Builder.

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How to create a sales page The sales page is a type. Of landing page that has the final conversion objective. It is the last step before the customer enters the card details and makes the purchase. In the video Bolivia Email List below João teaches you how to create a high converting landing page using Hotmart’s Page Builder: How to Create a Thank You Page The thank you page has the function of thanking and confirming a subscription or sale. Its objective is to certify the client or lead that everything went well with his previous action and indicate the next steps.

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Vini explains how to create a thank you landing page using Hotmelt’s Page Builder in the video below: Bonus: How to promote your landing page and increase the number of conversions You’ve already USA Person seen what are the elements that can’t be missing in your landing and some step by step on how to create them. But once it’s done how do you entice visitors to go through the conversion process? We separate here some channels that you can use to generate traffic to your landing page. Email marketing If you already have a list and your landing page offer is interesting to your audience you can create an email marketing campaign to publicize it.


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