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The big point is that this social proof needs to be incontrovertible or it can lose its effect. What does that mean? Nowadays many people no longer believe much in message prints or emails because they are very easy to forge. Lovely Visuals Don’t forget to add videos and images to your landing page that help reinforce your offer. It could be for example an image of your ebook or a video of you inviting potential. Customers to participate in a class on some topic. Or even an image that directs the visitor’s focus to the CTA. Like this screenshot of the Talking Shrimp newsletter sign up form. how to create landing page Laura’s fingers head and eyes are pointing towards the form showing the user where they should pay attention.

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This element often goes unnoticed and may even be ignore. But if you want to advertise on Facebook or Google that redirect to your landing page it is essential that you have a footer with links to the privacy Western Sahara Email List policy and terms of use in addition to your business contact. This information is require for the safety of the user who will leave data on your page. Without this information in the footer your ads may be disapprove by Google and Facebook Ads. Have a data protection policy With the regulation of the new LGPD General Data Protection.

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Law it is recommended that just below your capture form you have a field where the visitor to your landing page can trust that you authorize the use of this data. This way you make it clear to the USA Person visitor that he is in a safe environment. how to create landing page How to Create a Landing Page from Scratch in Under an Hour With Hotmart’s Page Builder you can create and publish your pages even without knowing anything about programming and design.


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