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Google In the example above you can see that there are other ways to make your. Brand stand out without necessarily needing a more elaborate layout for it. In the case of Google they chose to use the same fonts as the brand in the email. Title to create this identification without the need to include a more elaborate layout. At the end of the email you may notice that in addition to the contact list. Description link you can also choose to configure your preferences.

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This is because many times the lead may be interested in other content offered by. Google via email but not necessarily in newsletters or courses from the Digital Atelia. That way just click on the link and configure Democratic Republic Of the Congo Email List what. You would actually like to receive without the need to click to leave the list and not receive any more content from Google. Amazon Two important points that I really like about this example and that you can use in your business The first is the use of mind triggers in the subject line. If the lead forgot to buy the mother’s day gift or didn’t have time to stop to research he can be fine because he can buy and the gift will arrive on time.

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The second is that as all the conditions and values ​​in the email are promotional it is clear that after Mother’s Day the promotions listed in the message are no longer valid. However to ensure that the lead understands USA Person that the conditions are only valid during this period and that if she does not buy she will be left out of the special prices at the end of the email Amazon makes this information clear once again. Copyblogger You know that old saying that less is more? It applies perfectly here.


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