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There is a whole process for this to happen the flirting the encounters. The entire relationship building until the day of the dreamed yes I accept arrives. And it’s the same with your lead you can’t send a single email asking. Them to buy your product or service right away in the first contact. If you want to convert a lead into a customer for your business you need to build a relationship. For this you already know that you will need to send a series of emails. That help the lead to advance through the stages of the sales funnel.

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So this is the time to plan how many emails will be use in your campaign. What approach you will use in each of them and how often they will be sent. Focus on the subject. The subject of your email is literally Cuba Email List the first thing the lead will see when opening the email box. Imagine that upon arriving at the office where she works the lead opens her email and finds new messages. Between work urgencies and a series of marketing emails what messages will your lead open only to have the notification of new messages disappear? This decision is made when the lead reads the subject of your email. That’s why it’s important that you grab attention right away.

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If the subject of your message is not interesting or does not arouse any curiosity chances are that your lead will open your email only for the notification to disappear move it to the trash or USA Person worse Put it in the spam box. Write proper copy After perfecting the subject line of your email it’s time to focus on proper copywriting that engages the lead as he reads the content. When your lead reads the subject line of the email and clicks through to read your message an expectation has been created.


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