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Burberry’s new and magnetic spot straddles the line between ballet

Burberry’s new in the night there are creatures seemingly invisible to the human eye that. Despite their soon-to-be terrifying appearance. Exude magic from every pore. It is precisely on these nocturnal creatures that Burberry sets its gaze in a reality from fantasy are deliciously blurred. The ad. Called “Night Creatures” , is set in London and stars three friends returning home by bus after having enjoyed a night at the cinema. The three protagonists are engaged in an animated conversation about the film they have just watched. Which is in the science fiction genre.

New and hypnotic spot where the limits that separate reality

Of colossal dimensions and equipped category email list with multiple limbs. The creature has a rather gruesome appearance. Therefore, but far from threatening the lives of the three friends. It invites them to a magnetic dance that takes place in the gloomy and empty streets of the British capital. The trio follows the creature to the River Thames , where, perched on its body, they sail towards London’s Tower Bridge. Therefore, with its new Burberry spot. Signed by the Megaforce collective of directors. It celebrates the joy of embracing the unknown by brushing aside fear.

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Megaforce already got behind the camera for “Festive

 Behind the USA Person camera an ad released by Burberry in fall 2020 that garnered a plethora of awards at international advertising festivals. Therefore, in that spot, a group of dancers performed a spectacular dance number while simultaneously dealing with giant hail balls. In 2021 Megaforce also directed the “Open Spaces” ad for Burberry , where the protagonists, dressed in comfortable garments from the British brand, defied the laws of gravity. Therefore, this year we wanted to express the brave attitude of diving into the unknown and embracing the spirit of adventure,” explains Megaforce.

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