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 But I don’t go to any field to do this work, but it is present on my mobile phone when I watch TV, I can do it while cooking or while waiting for the sauna to heat up, etc. It would be important to be able to disconnect sometimes! That’s why I’m now learning how to make publications in advance on a certain day, e.g. a week or two ahead, especially with regard to social media. The goal is also to start making blog posts “on the job” and to schedule them so that you don’t have to make a new post every week. Especially considering the summer, this would be important best way to get new readers to your blog? Sharing posts on Facebook, especially in related groups.

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And it can really be teaching, advising and concrete helping. I’m not really new database interested in diary-like blogs, and that’s why I haven’t been enthusiastic about blogging before. Instead, the fact that I can help ordinary yard owners take care of their yards in an ecological, fun and relaxed way with the help of a blog really motivates me a lot. What dreams or goals do you have for blogging for the next 2 years? My dream is that in a couple of years I will be considered a reliable expert among ordinary yard owners. My readers feel that my advice has helped them find joy and relaxation in their yard and get rid of stress and fears of failure. And they share this experience with others. My more concrete goal is that in 2019 my blog would have approx. 10,000 readers per month and that it would act as a strong support pillar both in the sale of Auringotähti’s seedlings and also in the sale of digital services.  suitable for the blog and my own world of values, whose products I could present or otherwise do financial cooperation with.

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 What has been the most challenging part of your blogging journey so far? In the summer, the busiest gardening time, it was hard to find time for the blog. Spring and early summer are always 12-14 hour working days in the garden and taking care of the blog threatened to fall behind other work. Blogging is such a big and important “project” for me that sometimes it threatens to take the whole woman away. New ideas come up all the time, which should be implemented right away. Managing this has been and will certainly continue to be challenging. Who are USA Person your 3 most inspiring bloggers you follow and why? I haven’t actually been following any blogs! I’ve mostly just read interesting articles on various topics when I got an idea about them.

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