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 Until last spring, the blogging world was very foreign to me and, to be honest, quite boring. If you found something interesting, it was that one article and the others were something else. There was no feeling that I wanted to get to know the person or the blog better and start actively following them. That’s why my own threshold for starting a blog was really high, I couldn’t find any motivation to do such additional work. Before I learned from  more than an opinion piece or a diary. Now, because of my own development, I have actively tried to look for interesting blogs, especially garden-related ones. But for now, I can’t do anything and I can’t elevate anyone above others (except Tibia, of course!) In relation to blogging and social media marketing, I have ordered weekly newsletters from a few interesting ones and then go through their links to read blog posts if the topic is interesting.

Tibia that a blog can be something

Who or what inspired you to start blogging? This is easy, Tiida Continent was the one new data who changed my whole thinking and experience about blogging and got me excited! And I was led to Tibia by Katja Koski, whose lessons in Facebook marketing I first started to follow. I can say really completely honestly: Philla Arrington Tahitian blog would not exist without Tibia’s encouraging and inspiring writings! How do you stay motivated to blog? So far it has needed no maintenance, rather braking! Writing has always been natural and easy for me. I wrote articles for Kody’s Palermo magazine for 11 years, and then I learned how to produce quality and interesting text, even if by force, when the deadline was threateningly approaching!  content production.

Blogging is relatively easy in terms of

new data

I control it myself, I can choose the topic and the length of the text, etc. I can realize many kinds of dreams and goals, there is always a topic or perspective that inspires me to write. Topics can be found very easily when, for example, you just read a garden magazine or browse a garden group on Facebook. There is a lack of abundance rather than a lack of topics! Do you earn income through/with the help of your blog? No direct income for now. I have registered in a few affiliate sites and I have made some affiliate links in articles. But so far the blog has not brought me any direct income. Last spring, I launched USA Person the first garden-related online courses and some of them were sold, even though the marketing was still very small. This income can be attributed directly to the blog. This fall, I’m launching a completely new online course website, Linen Puutharha, in the marketing of which the blog plays a key role.


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