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When you started blogging, did you get help from a professional, friends or did you do everything yourself? I got instructions and lessons on starting a blog from Tibia, i.e. a professional. But then I did all the practical work myself. With Tibia’s instructions, I got a domain and learned how to use WordPress. (It still seems unbelievable that a year ago I had never used WP, ​​never even seen it used!) Our website ( soorintahti . com ) was built by my husband’s brother, who owns a business in the industry. In it, I take care of the production and maintenance of the content, but he takes care of the technical side. How often do you post on your blog?  this release pace? I publish a new article once a week, regularly on the same day.

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 At the very beginning, I made two articles a week, because I wanted to quickly add more latest database material to the “empty” blog. Once a week seems like an appropriate pace for both myself and the readers. I had time to focus on the article properly and the readers did not have time to get tired of waiting or forget me. I also write quite long articles, always more than 1000 characters. I then share the article in Facebook groups and other social services several times during the week, 1-2 times a day. Do you have a publishing plan? Are you holding on to it?I came up with the topic during the week. In the beginning this was easy, when there were so many topics I wanted to write about. In the summer, ideation was no longer easy and I started collecting topics in a notebook. Now I have a publishing plan ready until the end of November. I try to follow it, sometimes, for example, a topic comes up on social media that I feel is so topical that I change the topic.

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latest database

When the topic has been thought out well in advance, the search for related USA Person background information, pictures, etc. can be scheduled for a longer time. Do you recommend blogging to others? Absolutely! It has been a really significant thing for me, which I enjoyed enormously and I would not give it up again. I’m sure it will also be a big deal for the company’s business. A blog is such a versatile thing that it is a great way for all kinds of people and all kinds of needs to bring their thoughts, experiences and knowledge to the benefit of others. What kind of strengths do you think a blogger should have? Some language skills are needed for writing.


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