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Check out the main advantages: Simple and practical visualization. The dashboard is very complete and allows you to find everything that is happening on the site without major problems. It generates valuable insights: in addition to allowing specific analyses the platform itself. Generates insights for different areas mainly for marketing which will help in the elaboration of new strategies. It does not require knowledge. Even those who are not familiar with the system can easily learn to use the tool. Increases marketing efficiency: all the information generated will allow your digital marketing. Team to be able to produce increasingly efficient actions that generate better conversions.

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What are the features of this tool? To analyze interactions Hotjar has the following features. heatmaps The heatmaps or heat maps record the main interactions of users with your page with colors ranging Cabo Verde Email List from blue to red with the red areas being those with the most heat and therefore which attracted the most attention from the visitor. With Hotjar it is possible to generate three types of heatmaps of clicks which shows the most clicked areas of the site; of movement which points out in which areas the user hovered the mouse; and scrolling which records how far the user navigated on your page.

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This behavior record is very useful for monetizing a website allowing you to place ads links or email captures in the areas that get the most attention from the visitor. Feature step by step To configure the heatmap USA Person click on the Heatmap option under the Analytics menu on the left side of the page. Then on New heatmap. Hotjar image of New Heatmap button Choose a name for your heatmap. If you intend to use Hotjar to monitor several pages assign a name that generates immediate identification with the monitored URL as this will facilitate the search for this information in the future.


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