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As soon as a URL address is customize with the URL Builder the data automatically begins to appear. Hotmart Analytics where it can be studied directly or even exported. After performing the personalization it is possible to follow the active campaigns. That way you can identify Which campaign is driving the most traffic How long does the visitor. Spend on the landing page The visitor performed some action. And all this information can be obtained in a simple way. There are several examples of URL Builder as this tool can be used for different purposes. Such as measuring which campaign. Link is being click the most knowing the best placement for a CTA call to action etc.

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How to make paid ads? tips for beginners | Hotmart Tips Why use URL Builder? As important as knowing what the Google URL Builder is is identifying the reasons why this tool should be used. With Chad Email List the URL Builder it is possible to put into practice several strategies that would otherwise be unviable. Google Analytics tracking tools are helpful but they can’t provide specific data. To get around this limitation the use of tools such as the URL Builder is the most appropriate. By customizing an address with the URL Builder it becomes much easier to access data with the media used the search keyword and the source of traffic.

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The parameters accepted by this tool are much more specific managing to reveal details not captured by Google and Hotmart Analytics. Discover now the main reasons to apply the URL Builder in your digital USA Person business and see all the advantages of starting to apply this tool. Keep track of traffic sources Traffic sources are channels that bring visitors to a particular website. Some examples are social networks such as Facebook and Instagram video platforms such as YouTube and other blogs that share the personalized link.


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