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Hotjar image of place to enter new name Then select the amount of pageviews the tool will collect. Remember that every visit counts as a pageview that is if the user accesses your page more than once he will have a heat map generated for each visit. Hotjar screenshot to choose number of pageviews Choose the URL that will be analyzed. You can track a single page or multiple similar pages on the same domain. Hotjar image of the page to choose the ULR The next menu is useful if you want to configure advanced options for your heatmap like excluding areas of your site that you don’t want to track for example pop ups.

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Hotjar screenshot of advanced options screen Review the configuration and create your heatmap. To access the collected information you can use the search bar to locate a specific heatmap. Recordings Hotjar Cambodia Email List allows you to literally record your visitors’ interactions with your page. With this functionality you’ll be able to see what the user’s behavior is from the moment he accessed the site which menus or links he clicked on and in which order. Imagine you have a blog about photography and you decided to use recordings to understand the behavior of your visitors.

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A minute recording shows that the user browsed the page a lot and was interested in the type of content you share while a second recording indicates that the user accessed the page and closed it shortly afterwards USA Person which leads to the conclusion that he entered by mistake or did not find anything that interested him there. This information provides interesting insights for both your ad campaigns and your content marketing strategy. Feature step by step From the Analytics menu select the Recordings option. Then click on Record Visitors. Hotjar image of Record Visitors button Select the amount of pageviews you want to register.


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