Ice Score Understand What It is and Why It’s Important

The conclusion reach is that they are two different models designed for each need and may vary from one project to the next. Reasons to have a responsive website Now that you understand what a responsive website is, it’s time to talk about the main reasons for you to use this feature. Improves user experience. As already mention in this article, responsiveness is an element created with the aim of improving the experience of users entering a website. Offering a good browsing experience makes users feel safer and more comfortable to become customers, in fact.

Why is the ICE Score important for your company

According to research, 58% of Brazilians who use the internet do so only through their cell phones. Another survey points out that the cell phone is the main means of accessing the internet , reaching 98.1% of Brazilians over 10 years of age. This shows the Hungary WhatsApp Number List importance of thinking about how your site behaves in front of this audience. After all, you don’t want to miss out on any sales, right. Good positioning on Google Another positive point in having a responsive. Website is that this is a guideline taken into account by Google’s algorithms that rank pages in the search engine.

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How to calculate the ICE Score

This is one of the main SEO (Search Engine Optimization) criteria, so it should taken seriously. In practice, this means that Google ranks sites according to technical issues and responsiveness is one of them. So if you want your website to be list among USA Person the first search results on Google, it needs to be responsive. Increase sales Improving the browsing experience and appearing among. The main search results are two extremely relevant points for customers’ decision-making. This happens because the better positioned on Google, the more reliable your website becomes in front of customers.


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