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The hotsites that promote this type of action generate a Why does my code or “lucky number” for the participants. The result is base on the Federal Lottery draws. It may seem difficult to understand the dynamics, but rest assure, we explain: First of all, to carry out a draw based on the Federal Lottery. It is necessary to follow the guidelines of Law 13,756 of 12/13/2018, which gives competence to SEFEL. Energy and Lottery Monitoring) to authorize draws and promotions, and also, regularize the action. With CAIXA or SEAE (Secretariat for Economic Monitoring of the Ministry of Finance).

Website is not mobile friendly

The entire process of legalizing the raffle requires a series of documents that guarantee security to consumers. After the draw is duly authorize. The participants who receive the codes must follow the result on the Federal website . Loteria Federal draws take place every. Wednesday and Saturday and the promotion regulations must inform which drawing number will be considere for the draw. Attention: Sometimes the drawn number Qatar WhatsApp Number List is not exactly what was generate in the promotion code, in these cases. The regulation must predict that the winner will be the one that comes closest to the drawn number, either lower or higher, according to the regulation.

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Products without reviews from other customers

The results of the raffle promotions carrie out by. Federal give credibility to the company and assure consumers that there is no risk of manipulation. But for everything to work out the right way, your site’s system must be develope with mechanisms that offer companies control over the promotion. Sending codes automatically, checking the number of participants and other aspects need to be includ in the platform. Olivas Digital has USA Person already develop several systems for draws like these for clients such as Editora Abril, Lopes Supermercados and others. Raffle promotions are no longer base on papers deposite in ballot boxes and are now digitally controll.

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