The importance of UX for your online store

At Olivas Digital, we offer our customers solutions that meet their needs based on their planning. Also providing for possible adaptations in the companies’ operations. For this, we installed a single CMS that uses the same template/layout for all regions, with independent content.  Making a single site able to gather information from different regions. This model is the multisite. With multisite it is possible to easily manage the pages to be displayed in each region, since the content is independent. Thus, you can register the content in the language you want. Being able to change it based on the company’s communication strategy in each region.

What are the areas of UX

Therefore, multisite acts not only as a translation resource, but understands the company’s communication as a whole. It can offer differentiated content for each type of user, determined by their region. To exemplify how the multisite works, see the institutional website of the Akatu Institute , a non-profit non-governmental organization that works to raise awareness and mobilize society for conscious consumption, developed by Portugal WhatsApp Number List Olivas Digital. It brings together content produced by the institution in Portuguese and English, with independent material in both versions, but follows the same page structure (layout).

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Benefits of UX for online stores

However, despite the management facilities that the multisite platform can bring to the company. The layout used on the pages will be the same, which is why it ends up being more recommend for companies that have a globalized communication strategy. In the case of companies that operate with “more freedom” and use communication and business strategies. Focused on the region, perhaps the ideal would be to develop specific USA Person websites for different projects. Thus, the development of the sites will be focused on the needs of a certain public. You can also opt for a design and structure of the pages that are more effective for the region.


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