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Why is the ICE Score important for your company

Check out our complet work . Sign up and win A very common Why is the ICE way to obtain information about your client or lead is to offer benefits if they register. This can be use to leverage sales lead generation, generating a high volume of people intereste in your product. It is also useful for companies that work with many intermediaries, mainly retailers. This type of promotion is use to meet the need to obtain information. About your end customer, since the sale is carried out by third parties. An attractive way to encourage your customers to register, offering in return gifts. Discounts or advantages on products from the company itself or from partners.

How to calculate the ICE Score

Referral Marketing a promotional model that has been gaining strength. Especially among startups and young companies that are User Centerl, are referral programs. If your customer is satisfi with your product or service, uses and knows your product well, no one better than him to indicate his relationship network. Dropbox , a file storage service in the cloud, is a good example. That the technique is efficient when the service offer Romania WhatsApp Number List delivers quality to customers . In the case of the storage service. The indications are equivalent to gaining space on the platform where customers can store even more files.

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Main benefits of the methodology

This makes more people use Dropbox, the tool consolidates itself in the market and users obtain real gain for their participation. This type of action is increasingly common in companies that aim to increase the number of customers, reinforce the brand and increase confidence in their product or service. It is an initiative develop under Growth Hacking techniques and presents advantageous results, after all, it is a type of high USA Person power and cost-effective marketing that makes use of the audience itself to attract new customers. See how Nespresso encourages its sales channels and attracts consumers to the Nespresso Club .

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