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Cultural competition Cultural contests have Understand the peculiarities that define them as those promotions. That depend more on the creativity and knowledge of the participant than on luck. They do not require auditing or prior authorizations, but must follow strict rules, such as not showing advertising in participation environments. Participation cannot be link in any way to the purchase of any product. In publicizing the contest and in the participation environment. The logo of the organizing company and third parties must be present in the background. The products sold by any company involv cannot be any of the prizes.

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Avoid instability or slowdowns Now that we’ve talk about the types of promotions your company can carry out, we can’t help but talk about the problems that put everything to lose. If you know how to promote the action correctly, it is expect that your website pages will receive. A considerable number of visitors Senegal WhatsApp Number List willing to participate in the promotions. This can be both an encouragement and a big problem! Predicting the volume of participants is essential to prepare the company’s servers. The slowness of the site can cause the promotion not to reach the expect results and all the planning will be compromise.

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In addition, it is essential that your service team is ready to carry out the participations, if necessary, or to solve a possible problem. offer security Another fundamental point for the success of the promotion is to guarantee security for customers. Promotional pages are full of fields for capturing lead information and access to this information must be restrict. The way to ensure data protection is through encryption, but does your USA Person site use this feature? There are SSL certificates for that . They make the site more secure since the exchange of information. Between the user and the company is encrypt to maintain data protection, therefore it is a key element for the success of your promotion.


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