What is Google Trends Useful for Prioritization

The chart above shows how the popularity of the phrase Google Ads campaigns has changed over the last 12 months in Poland. When you hover over the chart, a value from 0 to 100 will appear for that time frame. Remember that this is not the search volume, but only the level of popularity of a given phrase.

It is determined in relation to the highest point on the chart, which always has a value of 100. For example, a value of 50 means that in a given time period the popularity of the password was twice as low as the highest value. In turn, 0 means that the system does not have enough data for the checked phrase.

The default filter settings in Google Trends are Poland, last 12 months, all categories and Google search as the source. However, you can change them as you like.

Specify a Time Period Thanks to This You Can Check

Select a country or region/province. For campaigns conducted in Poland, of course, you should choose Poland. Checking Whatsapp Number List  statistics for individual voivodeships or in a given region will be useful for local positioning.

Specify a time period. Thanks to this, you can check how the popularity of a given slogan has increased or decreased in real time. This is especially useful in industries that experience seasonality.

Select a category. This will allow the system to better understand the context of the password being checked. As we know, in Polish one word can have several different meanings. Select a source and decide for which search engine area you want to obtain data.

Interest by Subregion This Function

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The phrase online English course will probably be entered into Google Images much less often than in the main search engine. The phrase bedroom decor idea may be very popular when it comes to image search results.

Phrase comparison
An interesting function in Google Trends is comparing statistics for USA Person several phrases (maximum 5). As we know, one topic can be described in different ways. We are never sure which phrase is most popular among potential customers which is easier to determine using the Keyword Planner.

Thanks to the comparison function, you can check which slogan is worth using in the campaign. In addition, the function will allow you to prioritize phrases.


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