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How to use Google Trends Google Trends

Every day, users around the world send millions of questions to the search engine. Data on which of these phrases are the most popular and how it changes over the months is the basis for planning.

SEM campaigns. There are plenty of keyword analysis tools – today we will focus on one of the most underrated ones, Google Trends – how to use this tool? What can it be useful for? We explain in the article.

Google Trends is a free service offered by Google that allows you to view statistics on phrases entered in the search engine. Thanks to it, we can learn the popularity of keywords and trends among users, and then use the information obtained to plan an effective positioning campaign or PPC advertising.

Google Trends how does it work

There are plenty of phrase analysis tools available on the market – both free and paid. However, it must be admitted that Google Trends is a specific Ws Number List service. Few people realize how valuable information can be “squeezed” from it. You just need to know how.

How it works? By entering the selected keywords, you will next see a chart showing user interests over time. Google Trends shows us how popular particular phrases are over 12 months, 4 hours or even 5 years. By default, the data in the chart concerns the main Google search engine, but it is also possible to obtain statistics from sources such as:

Building a sales funnel is a long and complicated process. Moreover, it does not end with performing several activities at once. Here you need systematic work, analyzing the effects and constantly getting to know your recipients. However, the game is worth the candle, because a well-prepared sales funnel always works.

How to use Google Trends

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Constantly monitor the effects
Don’t forget to regularly analyze consumer performance and behavior at every stage of the purchasing USA Person journey. Use A/B testing and other analytical methods to find the most effective way to reach your target group.

Remember that building a shopping funnel is work in progress. If you want to acquire leads and generate conversions, you must constantly keep your finger on the pulse, observe, analyze and draw accurate conclusions.

Example of a sales funnel
As many as 96% of visitors are not ready to make a purchase after first entering the website (Startup Bonsai). Consumers must encounter a brand and its products many times before they even consider converting. This is why building a purchasing funnel is so important.

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