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This is the Widest Part. Of the Funnel, Which Means That at This Stage. The Message is Directed to the Largest. Group of Recipients. The First Activities. Are Aimed at Attracting the Attention of a Potential Customer, Introducing. Him to the Brand and Increasing. Its Awareness Among the Largest. Possible Group of Consumers.

At this stage, the following are used, among others: PPC advertising campaigns, SEO, content marketing and social media marketing. The language of communication is very important.

It is important to remember that this is the first contact with the brand, so at this stage you should not encourage the purchase of a specific product – such an action may discourage and scare away a potential customer from the very beginning.

The Middle Part of the Funnel is the Stage

The middle part of the funnel is the stage where the interest of potential customers is aroused. People at this stage of the purchasing path begin to be interested in the brand and even specific products, but they are not yet convinced to buy it.

Here, it is important to educate the potential customer, familiarize him more with the Whatsapp Number List brand, present him the advantages of the products and the benefits he will receive after making the transaction.

At this stage, e-mail marketing, a blog, webinars, e-books, videos, and case studies will work. The content must be focused on a given topic or product. You need to show the potential client what problems it will help him solve.

Many people therefore rely on black hat marketing, which in this case is a shortcut, unfortunately associated with certain consequences.

The Last Part of the Funnel is Shown in the Graphics

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The last part of the funnel is shown in the graphics as the narrowest because the fewest people reach this stage. Here the consumer is already convinced to buy. The following actions will then be checked:

There is no one universal sales funnel. Individual stages may differ USA Person from each other, for example in the case of the B2B and B2C sectors. Most often, however, funnels are based on the so-called AIDA model.

Black Hat is the opposite and a kind of contrast to White Hat techniques. The goal here is primarily to quickly promote the website, regardless of Internet users’ experience, spam or content quality – what matters most is “outsmarting” the algorithms.

You already know what Black Hat SEO is and what depositioning practices are increasingly used on the Internet. Remember that all techniques described in this article are prohibited, so act in the spirit of White Hat SEO.


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