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No wonder he appears in our list of the richest Canadians. 36. Larry Tanenbaum YouTube video Net Worth: $2B Age: 78 Larry Tanenbaum serves as the chairman of Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment, a notable conglomerate owning multiple sports franchises like the Toronto Raptors in the NBA, the Toronto Maple Leafs in the NHL, and Toronto FC in MLS. Back in 1968, he complet. his studies at Cornell.

Stakeholder of Colliers International, a real estate investment firm bas. 

University, obtaining a degree in Economics. In the business realm, Tanenbaum heads Kilmer Van Nostrand, a company with diverse interests spanning new data  infrastructure, electronics, publishing, food processing, gaming, and more. This enterprise has been under the ownership of the Tanenbaum family since the 1950s. He is one of the wealthiest people in Canada. 37. Bill Malhotra Net Worth: $1.9B Age: 74 Bill Malhotra, a notable figure in Ottawa’s real estate scene, holds the prestigious positions of founder and CEO at Claridge Homes, a prominent real estate development company. Establish. in 1986.

Hold the major shares in E-L Financial Bruce Flatt’s Corporation, a company bas. 

Claridge Homes, under Malhotra’s guidance, has successfully USA Person construct. over 14,000 diverse properties ranging from condominiums and houses to retirement homes. Hailing from India, Bill Malhotra pursu. civil engineering during his college years. At the age of 22, he made the life-changing  decision to relocate to Canada in 1971. Initially, he work. at an engineering firm, setting the stage for his impressive career trajectory. In the years spanning from 1977 to 1986, Malhotra serv. as the chief structural engineer for the city of Ottawa. 


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