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If it is a purchase indicate that the person is buying something; if it’s a free download put download for free. You can check out call to action examples that act as click magnets. Easy to fill form You can use the form in three ways on your landing pages to capture data from your potential customers. You can make it visible on the page. how to create landing page Open through a pop up window when the visitor clicks on the CTA. Or open in another page. how to create landing page how to create landing page Regardless of the format you choose one thing that is essential is that the form is easy to fill out.

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Ask for only the information that is necessary to deliver your offer. If you demand too much data about the potential customer they may end up giving up on following through with the conversion. What is the ideal Turks and Caicos Islands Email List amount and what information should you ask for? It depends. If you’re offering to download an ebook you don’t need more than the visitor’s first name and email. If you are organizing a webinar or a free class on a topic it might be interesting in addition to the email to know the person’s level of mastery on the subject to prepare the material for the presentation.

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In the case of a purchase you will need more details even for tax reasons. So the information you are going to ask for in the form depends a lot on what you are going to deliver in the end. Undeniable social USA Person proof A very interesting element to include in your landing pages especially if what you are offering requires a certain commitment from the person either time or money is social proof. For example testimonials from people who had access to this same offer and obtained positive results.


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