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An entrepreneur in the wellness  sector could organize a webinar relat to work ergonomics. The video would also enable. For example. Incorrect postures to be concretely display. Get start with content marketing it is worth starting content marketing with the preparation of a content strategy. So that work and resources are immiately direct to the right things.  Content strategy usually means a long-term plan for content marketing. Typically. goals and means of content marketing. It should provide general guidelines for operational planning and the implementation of content marketing. It is also good to separate the content strategy from the annual marketing plan .

What is a content strategy

 Different guides and e-books often africa email list deal with the company’s best area of ​​expertise. Because that’s where the company usually has the most to offer. For example. Accounting firms could publish an excel file as downloadable material that automatically calculates the costs of hiring the first employee when you enter the actual values. Webinars and live streams there are also many different free webinars and streams available. It is often requir to leave contact information in connection with them as well offer a great opportunity to present the company’s own expertise. And on the other hand. If an interesting speaker is present. It can also be us to reach completely new target groups.

The webinar and the stream

africa email list

A company offering social mia consulting USA Person  could blog about setting up social mia profiles. Optimizing them and what should be publish on social mia. Juuso: “Blogging is a big opportunity from the perspective of search engine visibility alone. And with good content you can often create a foundation for future customer relations. Zoner’s blog writes a lot about topics that are regularly search for on google and that are useful for our target group. It is important for the results that both of these criteria are met.” downloadable materials downloadable materials are also popular. They can be. For example. Guides or e-books. In connection with download material. It is often requir to leave contact information or subscribe to the newsletter .

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