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There are three options: or for more robust analysis . Hotjar page image select amount of pageviews Select page targeting. In this case you have two options: start recording the user from the moment he accesses your page or when he accesses a specific page that has the Hotjar track installed. screenshot to select the page Targeting Enable or disable your recording options. Only record sessions with click and scroll activity; Only record sessions longer than seconds; Click data can only be recorded on whitelisted fields screenshot of Recording options.

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Click record and you’re done! From now on you will have a complete record of your users’ interactions on video! funnel tracking Funnel tracking records the complete trajectory of the visitor until Cameroon Email List he becomes a lead. This functionality is useful to identify what might be hindering the user in carrying out the conversion. The funnel shows the pageviews of each page the number of conversions and the number of users who stop browsing before taking an action. You can segment this data by date whenever you want to monitor the impact of a change on your page. Feature step by step From the Analytics menu select the Funnels option and then New funnel.

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Sale of high value goods

New Funnel button image. Choose a name for the funnel. Add the expected number of steps in the funnel. The steps are the actions you expect the user to perform within the site. For example you have a landing page to USA Person register for a webinar so your funnel can unfold in the following steps: accessing the page reading the information and registration in the webinar participation. Remember that you can add as many steps as you want in your funnel depending on the complexity of the product. Then enter the URL you want to monitor. Click create funnel. screenshot of new funnel edit screen From now on you can access all the reports about that funnel searching for the chosen name.


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