The term content marketing whether

Strategy or discipline. is already part of the vocabulary of anyone involv. with marketing. And this approach has been propagat. as a necessity for any company. regardless of its size or digital maturity. Inde.. there is truth in this. Content marketing is powerful and brings many results. But. if done improperly. it doesn’t work and ends up causing losses and – even worse – discr.iting digital marketing in the face of companies that are starting to enter this area. So what differentiates a successful content marketing strategy from one that doesn’t work? Let’s find out! The rise of Content Marketing Why invest in content? What is the expect. return? Content marketing or SEO? Because it does not work 1. Lack of public understanding 2. Unmapp. Keywords 3. Search intent not consider. 4. Unoptimiz. content 5. Unmeasur. content 6. Bad website 7.

The term content marketing whether

Lack of content promotion 8. No backlink strategy 9. Non-existent consistency 10. Lack of company involvement Don’t separate Content Marketing from SEO The rise of Content Marketing I believe that the concept of inbound marketing is not new to you. which is summariz. simply in the diagram below. creat. by the Hubspot group : Hubspot – Inbound Marketing Without much pretense of being faithful to the origin of the concepts. we could speculate that content marketing is a sub-discipline of inbound marketing . More specifically. a subdiscipline that is link. to the first stage of the funnel shown above. the “attraction” part. The concept of inbound was explor. by Hubspot back in 2008. and  new database  was bas. on a relatively simple insight: Consumers don’t want to be interrupt.. In other words. he beat traditional communication and marketing.

Inbound reverses this logic

new database

On television. magazines and other older channels. These channels sustain themselves through interruption. You are watching a program. reading an article and the advertiser comes and interrupts the program and shows an ad. And worse. it shows the advertisement without asking if you want to see it and without understanding whether you are the right person for that product. Inbound reverses this logic. He first addresses your problems. your pains. It involves you in communication. makes you understand your situation and only  USA Person then talks about the product. the solution. And how does this dialogue begin? With content. Hence the discipline of content marketing was born. Produce texts. images. videos.


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