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Especially with digital content being top priority for many people. Promote autonomy The internet offers a large amount of information at the same time. With search tools increasingly elaborate and refined. However to be able to use these resources in their. Entirety it is necessary to have a greater command over the language of these tools. Even a simple Google search is quite different from how you would ask a person for information in real life. Understanding these codes and how they are used is critical to developing greater autonomy in today’s world. If you depend on other people or more traditional media for all your interactions. It will be very difficult to promote your work online in a concrete and efficient way.

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Better understanding and interpretation Trying to read something. In a different language is always difficult even if you have a direct translation of the text. This is because it is not only composed of words and their Ghana Email List literal meanings but also the context of your writing who wrote the message and for what purpose. Without this mastery of language it is more difficult to interpret any content. Even if it is not a different language the language used in the digital environment is still very different from everyday life. If you intend to act online creating content and producing knowledge mastering this language and its particularities is one of the most important steps.

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Facilitate online learning Distance education or EAD has become a very common teaching modality nowadays with more and more people adhering to this practice instead of traditional face-to-face classes. And there are several USA Person reasons for this from the greater practicality and accessibility of the virtual classroom to the comfort of being able to follow the content without leaving home. Traditional Education x Distance Learning Advantages of online courses for teachers and students However for this teaching to be more effective the student must also have a certain level of digital literacy.


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