Stages of the product life cycle and sales strategy

Keyword and competition analysis Once you know your ideal customer you will need. To translate his problems and questions into the language of the search engine that is into. The key phrases that he enters into this search engine. This is extremely valuable knowledge because knowing what phrases your potential customers enter you will be able to build a page so that based on these phrases the page is quickly found by them. This in a nutshell is SEO search engine optimization positioning. So how do you know what your customers are typing into a search engine? There are several ways to do this.

How to create a channel and optimize it

A impersonate your client and check the competition b checking Google’s suggestions c using SEO tools such as Google Senuto or Keyword Planner. Method a is theoretically the simplest just imagine Compliance Directors Email Lists that you buy the product yourself. This method gives inaccurate results but it has a big advantage you will find out who of your competitors is highly positioned and you will be able to check what phrases the competing company is visible in the search engine.

C Level Executive List

Allows you to structure your content

All you have to do is enter the competitor’s address into the or Senuto application and you will see the keywords that these pages rank for. You will also see the most popular posts from these pages USA Person which will be valuable information for you when creating content on the site. Method b is also very simple but the results will also be simple and quite general. However this method will show you how searching on Google with different key phrases works so it’s also a valuable lesson. All you have to do is enter a phrase in the search bar and similar searches will appear at the bottom of the results the most frequently typed phrases. Similar searches on Google Start with the most general phrase such as wedding dresses. You’ll see pretty obvious results.


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