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What is the tie that unites the people in your map? Does the hierarchy for example parents and children bosses and collaborators play a role? third stage Here it is important to map the level of influence of each stakeholder using circles. The biggest belong to the people with the most influence. Also to facilitate interpretation at the end. Put the most influential people at the top of the page and gradually establish a hierarchy with. The least influential below. fourth step Trace the direction of influence using arrows linking all stakeholders. It is important to note that a person can influence or be influenced by more than one character.

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To facilitate representation mark the strength of influence using darker colors. In our children’s store example for example the person making the purchase is not necessarily the most. this case French Email Lists it would be the child who will get the product. Likewise if you are considering influencers and people who have a good audience on the internet they will likely have a stronger level of influence than other characters. sixth stage At this point your map already contains a lot of valuable information. This sixth step is the time to make an action plan to act in relation to the people listed in your representation and facilitate communication with them.

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In digital marketing campaigns for example this is very important to define elements such as the proper sales funnel. seventh step If necessary make some adjustments to your strategy. Think about other USA Person contexts such as people you want to reach with certain content and the strength of each of them’s influence to engage others. VIDEO How to use your digital influence to make money with Gabi Ferreira | Hotmart MASTERS Journey In what situations can it be useful? The influence map is versatile and can be used by content producers entrepreneurs and anyone who wants to visually represent a project involving several people.

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