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As there is not the same contact between professors and students on a daily. Basis the user needs to know how to use the tools to carry out research submit work. Participate in discussions. Promote joint and active creation A strong trend in education both traditional. Distance is the active participation of the student in the teaching process. Instead of just passively absorbing information everyone should contribute in some way. To the creation of content research and production of knowledge for the entire group. A method whose effectiveness has been proven several times. VIDEO Disruptive education making the innovation process uncomplicated | D├ębora Garofalo at Again for both the student and the online teacher to be able to create something together both need to invest in their digital literacy.

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It is only by mastering the tools and digital language that all those involved can jointly build knowledge. Incentive to creativity Another positive effect of digital literacy is that with greater mastery of language and tools individuals also have more power to exercise their creativity. Many of the digital communication tools available today are highly customizable giving the user greater control over how their message is conveyed and preserved. As a person acquires greater mastery over a tool he also becomes more capable of breaking its patterns.

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It’s an opportunity to think outside the box set new standards and create something. And as you saw in the previous point this is an important factor to get the most out of any learning content. What are the USA Person challenges of digital literacy? Despite its importance for digital content creation and online teaching there are still several difficulties in promoting digital literacy on a larger scale. Here are the main ones Teacher training The first step in the production of online educational content is a professional willing to transmit his knowledge.


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