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These platforms manage to work different content formats that can be exploited to attract customers. In addition, companies that use them take advantage of the popularity of the channels to present themselves, something that is very suitable for those who need to sell more, but still do not have a large audience. Engage on social media to increase sales As mentioned before, social networks bring a very important audience to companies. That’s why you can’t help but have a page and know how to use it to generate business. Data shows that 3.8 billion people are on social media.

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In relation to the time they spend on the networks every day, the average Brazilian is 3 hours and a half. So if you need to sell more, you have to appear well on the networks. To do this, bet on content that generates interaction with the public. In social networks, the more people interact with the publication, the greater the reach of the content. Check out some Denmark WhatsApp Number List formats below that can help increase engagement. videos Every day there are innovations that fall into popular taste and change the way users behave. But one format that is champion of engagement is video. Today, there are several platforms for video production, such as Tik Tok , or Instagram’s Reels format.

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The Facebook platform even offers the option of long videos with IGTV which is also a good option for companies. Stories Another format that has become popular and is now part of the strategy of millions of companies is Stories. It allows short videos, images and texts to be published, but it is also possible to encourage customer participation with polls and USA Person even share offers. Bet on Content Marketing Content Marketing helps to increase the company’s authority, attract the right people to the website and generate sales opportunities. You can do all of this through content in formats.


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